Viking Athletics Sees 191 Named to Augustana University Dean’s List

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The Augustana athletics department was once again well represented on the Augustana University Dean’s List, totaling 191 student-athletes amongst the more than 800 total students recognized for the fall semester.
The Dean’s List honors full-time students who have a minimum 12 credit hours with grade-point averages at 3.5 or above (4.0 scale).
Student-Athletes Recognized
Jennifer Aadland, Business Administration
Hannah Allen, Communication Disorders
Will Allen, Biology
Josie Arduser, Exercise Science
Piper Asche, Marketing
Kait Asklund, History
John Babineau, Physics
Ella Bakken, Biology
Luke Ballweg, Physical Education
Mia Baltzell, Exercise Science
Kaly Banks, Nursing
Annika Bard, Communication Disorders
Lucy Bartee, Engineering Physics
Taylor Beagle, Biology
Evan Bell, Psychology
Nicole Bellis, Sport Management
Lincoln Boetel, Exploring
Molly Boyum, Sport Management
Gracey Brink, Exercise Science
Beau Brock, Biology
Peyton Buckley, Physical Education
Kennedy Buckman, Elementary Education
Erika Bute, Marketing
Andrea Cain, Exercise Science
Matt Chitty, Exercise Science
Margarita Chouliara, Exercise Science
Mary Christensen, Exercise Science
Torri Chute, Sport Management
Leona Coha, Mathematics
Chloe Condon, Nursing
Madison Croomes, Biology
Brayden Curry, Physical Education
Luke Dahlen, Elementary Education
Erin Danielewicz, Chemistry
Aliah Davidson, Sign Lang Interpreting
Mallory Delmont, Exercise Science
Amanda Dickmeyer, Nursing
Liz Dierks, Biology
Emiliana Dioguardi, Business Administration
Jackson Dircks, English
Drey Dirksen, Business Administration
Henry Dornbusch, Government/Int’l Affairs
Grace Douglas, Government/Int’l Affairs
Savannah Ellender, Nursing (Accelerated)
Amber Elliott, Exercise Science
Patty Jo English, History
Isaac Fink, Physical Education
Jack Fisher, Exercise Science
Jenifer Fjelstad, Journalism
Laura Garcia Lopez, Biology
Grace Geffre, Biology
Kelli Glisar, Biology
Mitchell Goodbary, Exercise Science
Emily Granson, Biology
Alysse Grohs, Nursing
Logan Grover, Business Administration
Hannah Guenther, Elementary Education
Maddy Guetter, Marketing
Benjamin Haberman, Exercise Science
Grace Haberland, Exercise Science 
Macie Haggerty, Nursing
Jarret Haglund, Nursing
Mariah Haight, Biochemistry (ACS)
Cassandra Harper, Psychology
Ryan Hartman, Exercise Science
Ella Heinitz, Psychology
Andrew Henrich, Business Administration
Sydney Herbert, Sport Management
Lily Holcomb, Exercise Science
Jayci Holsing, French
Emma Hughes, Elementary Education
Ben Ihrke, Nursing
CJ James, Exercise Science
Ryan Jares, Marketing
Jeremy Jenkins, Business Administration
Michaela Jewett, Elementary Education
Cullen Johnson, Business Administration
Kaelyn Johnson, Communication/Business
Hannah Kelley, Exercise Science
Brooke Kiepke, Elementary Education
Rachel Kimsal, Nursing
Shannon Kimsal, Business Administration
Tanner Kippes, Biology
Kelly Kleekamp, Biology
Hope Korte, Business Administration
Joshua Koskie, Data Science
Becca Koupal, Nursing
Caleb Kranz, Government/Int’l Affairs
Carlie Kray, Nursing
Myah Kremer, Nursing
Jett Lamb, Business Administration
Tony Lanier, Comp Information Systems
Nick Larson, Physics
Colleen Lawrence, Communication/Business
Erika Leeman, Communication Disorders
Kage Lenger, Art
Logan Leonard, Finance
Molly Lienemann, Government/Int’l Affairs
Ben Limburg, Biochemistry (ACS)
Lawrence Lokonobei, Engineering Physics
Gage Long, Exercise Science
Abbie Lund, Biochemistry (ACS)
Andrew Martens, Marketing
Ana McCabe, Environmental Studies
Cora McCoid, Nursing
Shannon McCormick, Computer Sc/Software Eng
Bailey McCullough, Exercise Science
Tate Meiners, Nursing
Noah Melton, English
Taylor Melton, Elementary Education
Annika Meyer, Biology
Mearah Miedema, Art
Seth Miller, Journalism
Johanna Miller, History
Jena Mitchell, Biology
Hanna Morin, Art
Max Mosser, Finance
Cade Mueller, Marketing
Kaitlyn Mulder, Chemistry (ACS)
Meghan Mulvihill, Business Administration
Callin Naddy, Communication Studies
Connor Neill, Sport Management
Brooke Oberbroekling , Pre-Nursing
Josh Olson, Biology
Maddy Olson, Philosophy
Bennett Otto, Physical Education
Madison Pahl, Accounting
Jack Paradis, Biology
Maria Pedroso, Business Administration
Braiden Petersen, Government/Int’l Affairs
Aby Phipps, Exercise Science
Vishe’ Rabb, Business Administration
Rachel Rairdon, Accounting
Ashley Reisch, Elementary Education
Kamryn Robarge, Mathematics
Dallas Rogers, Mathematics
Ethyn Rollinger, Biology
Kelsey Ruff, Biology
Mia Salas, Exercise Science
Kylee Sallee, Marketing
Sophia Salter, Education Studies
Ayden Sand, Exercise Science
Ethan Sannes, Business Administration
Cait Savey, Elementary Education
Elizabeth Schaefer, Biology
Meagan Schenk, Biology
Anna Schmidt, English
Anna Schmidt, Biology
Nicolette Schmidt, Elementary Education
Matthew Schoessow, Accounting
Thomas Scholten, Biology
Josh Schumacher, Biology
Rachel Schwarz, Mathematics
Cailey Scott, English
Lauren Sees, Elementary Education
Emily Sichanthongthip, Exercise Science
Isaak Sipple, Business Administration
Jenna Skadsen, Psychology
Lydia Smith, Elementary Education
Lily Sonday, Nursing
Jorey Sorenson, Exercise Science
Alex Stanz, Finance
Zachary Stanz, Biology
Jolie Stecher, Nursing
Matt Steiger, Accounting
Justine Stellmaker, Elementary Education
Annika Stensrud, Biology
Molly Stevens, Comp Information Systems
Sabrina Stevens, Communication Disorders
Amaya Street, Biochemistry (ACS)
Mitch Stroh, Nursing
Samantha Sundby, Business Administration
Aubrey Surage , Biology
Caden Tegethoff, Data Science
Clayton Thompson, Exercise Science
Emma Thompson, Biochemistry (ACS)
Avery Thorson, Business Administration
Eric Tiedman, Accounting
Lauren Tims, Business Administration
Anna Tindall, Pre-Nursing
Aidan Torpey, Exercise Science
Logan Uttecht, Business Administration
Tayton Vincent, STEM Composite
Isabel Waite, Elementary Education
Haylee Waterfall, Nursing
Alex Wickersham, Exercise Science
Jack Wilson, Physical Education
Ally Young, Biology
Delaney Young, Sign Lang Interpreting
Jake Zeplin, Physical Education
Riley Zuhde, Psychology


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