The Amazon Small Business Home Brands To Shop on Prime Day 2022

gdf studio amazon prime day 2022


Prime Day is still going on until midnight tonight, July 13, and there are even more deals to add to your cart. Amazon’s annual shopping event known for bringing its customers deals on some of the key categories in their lives (kitchen, home, kids, etc.). is already underway. While there’s a need to shop the sales from well-known brands, it’s also important to support small businesses during your shopping spree.

In order to take part in the historic deals that take place on one of the biggest shopping days of the year, you have to have a Prime account. An Amazon Prime membership is $14.99 per month or $139 for a year (and Amazon even offers a free 30-day trial), which also comes with benefits such as complimentary two-day shipping, movie and TV streaming, and access to e-books. Having a Prime account also gives you the chance to shop the online retailer’s lightning deals, which are discounts that typically expire once the timer runs out or when the product sells out—whatever comes first.

For our roundup specifically, there are items that’ll add fun, sophistication, and even new smells to your home. From a 100{3e92bdb61ecc35f2999ee2a63f1e687c788772421b16b0136989bbb6b4e89b73} natural soy candle to a faux leather lounging chair and a bamboo charcuterie board, you won’t be able to get enough of these brands like Kloveo, Patio Watcher, Smirly and Benevolence Los Angeles. Go on, check out these Amazon small business home brands you should always have in mind!

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Conrad Mid Century Modern Arm Chair

Want a sleek finish to your already cozy and stylish living room? This chair from GDH Studio adds a fashionable finish. It’s made with black faux leather and hoisted up by legs created from sturdy birch wood, both in modern square shapes.


Instant Shader Dark Shelter XL Beach Tent

Easthills Outdoors believes in connecting people to nature through its services and products. The brand’s beach tent gets great airflow through ventilation. It also has Dark Shelter Technology, which blocks 97.5{3e92bdb61ecc35f2999ee2a63f1e687c788772421b16b0136989bbb6b4e89b73} of UVA and UVB rays (UPF 50+) while eliminating 90{3e92bdb61ecc35f2999ee2a63f1e687c788772421b16b0136989bbb6b4e89b73} of direct sunlight to provide you with maximum sun protection.

Bonus: it’s family-sized and has a patent-pending mechanism that makes take down a breeze.


Martini Glasses, Set of 4

Dragon Glassware is a boutique based out of northern California offering a variety of handmade artisan glassware and accessories, and these sleek martini glasses live up to the brand’s reputation. The glasses use a double-walled insulated design, which helps to retain cold drink temperatures, and they’re refrigerator and freezer safe.

If you’re looking for a generator that packs a punch, this option fits the bill. Baldr charges nine items simultaneously and features a wireless charging pad. Additionally, the battery management system protects your battery from overcharging and is eco-friendly!


Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

Charcuterie boards have become a big trend on TikTok and at house parties alike. Smirly’s board comes with a cheese knife set and six ceramic sauce dishes. The brand uses bamboo for long-lasting durability and makes a great gift, too!


Quick Dry Bamboo Hammock

It’s summertime, and nothing screams relaxation more than a hammock. Founded in 2013, Patio Watchers provides high-quality patio accessory products to help customers create their dream backyard.

This hammock features a Textilene and Olefin material that’s soft, breathable, comfortable, weatherproof, and oil-proof. It can hold two people, so grab a friend or loved one and relax.


Champagne Stoppers (2-Pack)

We’ve all been there: you open a bottle of champagne, and you don’t have a stopper to keep the drink fizzy and bubbly, so you proceed to drink the entire bottle (we get it!).

Well, look no further, Kloveo is here to help. The stoppers fit all standard-sized bottlenecks. How does it work? As pressure builds inside the bottle, the plastic nipple expands outward, creating a “bubble-tight” seal. Place the bottle flat, or stand it upright, and the seal works the same.

In 2014, Martin Mittelman was on a mission to seek out modern and affordable shot glasses, but when he couldn’t find any, he created his own. Thus, the JoyJolt brand was born. This set comes in a classic, simple design and is dishwasher safe. They’re also made with shatter-proof glass!


Premium Bergamot & Jasmine Candle

Benevolence Los Angeles was created with the intention of being generous, and every purchase from the company gives back to a charitable cause. The 100{3e92bdb61ecc35f2999ee2a63f1e687c788772421b16b0136989bbb6b4e89b73} natural soy candles come in tantalizing scents that’ll fill any room with a relaxing aroma. These six-ounce candles have a clean burn and last up to at least 35 hours. Every purchase of a candle benefits their charity partner Zoe International to shine a light on the darkness of human trafficking and slavery.


Automatic Soap Dispenser

Secura is a leading small appliance manufacturer in North America that focuses on creating high-quality kitchen, health & beauty, and fitness products. This automatic soap dispenser is water-resistant and has a 17-ounce capacity container. It has an on/off switch and adjustable soap dispenser volume control switch. It’s the kitchen or bathroom upgrade you’ve been waiting for!

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