Saving the World One Help at a Time

Grace Bagatsing has seen a good part of the world in her life already, but what she really focuses on are those parts where people need help. As part of her foundation as well as personal dedication to charity, Grace Bagatsing donated and volunteered to poor children through many active programs (Daughters of Charity, Philippines, for example), and she continues to find ways to do more for as many as she can. That continued action has been powerful, creating a dynamic in Grace to keep finding ways to help more.

A Personal Faith Commitment

Being driven by her personal faith and a commitment to outreach, Grace Bagatsing has repeatedly contributed her own time, energy, assets and more to helping children and the needy. Much of the work has been through the Anderson Family Foundation as well as collaboration with the Smile Train Philippines and the Daughters of Charity Philippines. This has included life-changing medical help, education, training, financial assistance, food, shelter and more.

Moved by personal experience and exposure to the levels of poverty that she has seen in traveling and work, Grace decided to take action. While it was obvious one person won’t be able to change the world, she was able to find ways to help many. That, in turn, has helped many realize how to hold onto life, grow and move forward versus being lost and becoming another statistic to the effects of poverty in the Philippines.

One Might Not Change the World, But They Can Change Many

Thousands of children are born every year in the Philippines needing medical and social help. Grace believes her work through the Daughters of Charity Philippines is answering the call for families of all types needing help and support. That includes providing financial support for channels that remove blockages that would otherwise make it hard for children to have a normal chance at success in life. For example, Grace’s work in helping provide for cleft palate surgery has allowed hundreds of children to have a critical facial repair, which means a far better chance of social acceptance in life when they grow up.

For her, Grace feels she has found her calling in the greater meaning of things. She’s able to effectively apply her business acumen, her faith and her dedication to a social cause that is producing a greater good for a community Grace cares about. There will be dozens upon dozens who are affected by the collective work of Grace’s organization. They will probably not remember Grace, much less her name. However, they will remember the valuable help they received and the difference it made to their lives. In this respect, Grace Bagatsing feels it’s all worth it.


Maria Flores

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