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small business ideas for teens
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When it comes to a business idea, a potential entrepreneur has no boundaries. Without a doubt, the creation of a business idea is the first step to success. In today’s world, the competition is so high. According to the latest reports, 15-year-old Hillary Yip is the youngest teen businesswoman in the world. Can’t believe what you are hearing? But, that’s the fact. Small Business Ideas for Teens today can lead them towards a bright future. 

Thus, don’t take any business idea that pop-up in your mind for granted. Whether you are an 11-year old creative and business-minded teen or a recent high-school graduate, age does not come into the matter when you want to begin a business. Because always remember, a business idea is only yours until you put it into work. Otherwise, someone else will follow the same idea and put it into action, leaving you with nothing!

small business ideas for teens
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Today, for all the potential and creative entrepreneurs out there (aged between 11 and 17), we present to you a concise Logue on small business ideas for teens. Let’s get started: 


Are you a teenager with a dream to become the youngest entrepreneur in the world? Or, the youngest business mind? Or, the youngest CEO and founder like Mark Zukerberg? The examples of unbelievable entrepreneurship stories are inevitable, which inspire today’s kids to put their minds into the storm of thoughts and create a gem of a business idea. But, one obstacle that comes along is low investment potential. 


In this world, it is rather challenging to convince sponsors and investors that your business idea will make a huge difference. What to do? Don’t worry! Check out the best small business ideas for Teens with zero or low investment potential. 

Are you ready to change and brighten your future? Let’s take a glance at the ideas for this year: 

#1: Create a book or Write a book (small business ideas for teens who love to write and read!)

As teenagers, many kids begin to explore themselves and find out about their passions and interests while dealing with the ups and downs of everyday life. This is life. Each teenager has a different story which can be your business idea. Small business ideas for teens with low investment? A book can act as a product of your business that is yet to hit the market. 

If you think you have good writing skills, you can begin with a small fictional comic book with art designs, creativity, and dialogues. Or, you can dive into the fine points of your life, helping other teenage kids to find themselves too. 

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Apart from this, you can boost your creativity and write a fictional novel. There are thousands and millions of readers out there waiting for it to happen!

All you have to do is keep the energy around you positive and believe in your story! Once the book is ready, you will need a minimum investment to get it flown into the market. Indeed, you can sell to Amazon. Traditionally, publishing a book in the USA costs anywhere between $500 to $5000, depending on the market you are targeting. 

#2: Become a professional photographer

To begin with, many kids and teenagers confuse a business for something that is only manufactured or distributed to the customers through a long chain of retailing. However, if you are looking for small business ideas for teens, you do not have to go that far, especially if you have zero or low-investment money in hand. 

For example, in the event that you are good at photography, you can begin your own website online. Professional photographers have a wide range of customers, including pre-wedding photoshoot requirements, photography for school, rental properties, and so on. 

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Thus, keep your positive energy up and build a website. Thanks to programs like WordPress, you only need $75 to begin a website. On the side, you can also put the word out about your photography business in the local area. It will help you obtain clientele and start building your business with low investment. 

You can easily create a spare room in your home for a photography lab. YouTube is always open for you to learn about professional photography tips and tricks. 

The good part about beginning a small business in 2022 as a teen is that during COVID-19, you have a lot of time in your hands. Why not put it into work? 

#3: Small Business Ideas for Teenage Girls (Begin a fashion advice business)

Whenever I think of a teenage girl in the 21st century, I cannot resist but think of a girl with a high fashion sense. If you are one such teenage girl, you must put your fashion sense and skills into work. 

You can create a website as a fashion consultant. Or, you can get a job at a nearby fashion store to obtain fashion skills. Many high-end celebrities, designers, sportsmen and women, businesswomen, etc., grasp fashion advice from fashion enthusiasts. 

Apart from this, you can also start a fashion blog online, which is quite a prominent small business idea for teens. On this blog site, you can share your daily outfits, fashion tutorials, feedback on clothing brands and online stores. 

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In this way, you will also have a great opportunity and skills to become a professional clothing model for big brands in the future. The good part about this small business idea for teens is that you do not need a lot of money in your hand. 

WordPress also allows you to create a free version of a website. When your fashion consultant website or blogging page takes off to success, you can make it premium. 

It is good that at such a young age, you have a desire to obtain skills as an entrepreneur. However, please note that business ideas do not always come out successful. So, keep your confidence up and try to accomplish business success one day at a time. 

#4: Start a recycling business

For a century now, the Earth has been troubled with pollution issues causing global warming to be robust at a high rate. In the event that you are looking for small business ideas for teens that may also contribute to the world’s health, the recycling business is a perfect fit for you. 

Not only this, but it also comes under a charitable business category which allows you to get tax deduction advantages from the government’s end. Thousands of companies every day lookout for recycling business which can take away used plastic products such as electronics, laptops, machinery, the plastic used in the canteen, and others. The reason is, recycling plastic in many countries has become mandatory. Depending on the size of the company, you can get a lot of plastic that you can recycle. 

small business ideas for teens
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Surprisingly enough, such companies also pay a reasonable amount to recycling companies for picking up and recycling junk on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

To make your recycling business more effective and charitable, you can ask for volunteers in your school, classroom, local urban area, etc. Your recycling business will also give you a good edge for applying to the greatest educational institutions and universities in the world. 

#5: Pet or Baby Sitting Business 

The best part of finding small business ideas for teens is that you can easily convince your friends in school to join in with you. Usually, babysitting or pet sitting jobs for teenagers provided them with $5 to $10 an hour. But, what if you could aim big? 

That’s right! You can build a website online where many household owners with pets or babies can book you for a babysitting job. In order to make reasonable money from this business, you can get your friends to join in as a babysitter or pet sitters. 

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As a result, you will have a professional business as a caretaker of pets, or kids will be running in no time. Similarly, you can also find your other interests for which this idea also works. For example, you can start a cleaning business online. 

Without a doubt, as a school kid, you must urge to earn a little pocket money on your own to fulfill your desires. If yes, then this business idea can make you good money to even start a college fund on your own. 

All you need is you and your friends to pitch in as a sitter/cleaner. There is no investment required in this business. You can create a free WordPress website using your laptop at home. 

#6: Create a Mobile Application

To begin with, the world of the internet has opened unlimited new opportunities for teenagers these days. On the web, you can learn to cook, clean, fix machinery, or even create a website or mobile application. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and create small business ideas for teens? 

In the event that you are a technical enthusiast, this is a perfect fit for you. You can create a mobile application (unique or slightly distinct from the existing one, just ensure there are no existing copyrights). A mobile Application on Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store, even an average one, earns upto 3K Dollars every day. 

Apps for Newbies

However, this idea may require a higher investment benchmark than the above ideas. For example, in order to launch a mobile application, you may need to invest up to 50, 000 Dollars. But that is nothing to how much an app earns every day! You can also build a website online to attract small business sponsors and investors. 

Do you know if your app does well in the market? There is a greater chance that some large organizations will purchase your mobile app with 3X to 10X profit margin. 

This is generally how young entrepreneurs become millionaires! So, dream big and get your mind brainstorming for new mobile application ideas. 

#7: Start a food truck (small business ideas for teens)

Are you a teenager with good cooking skills? Here is one of the best small business ideas for teens such as yourself. You can start a food truck as it is a business on wheels. For this, you do not need any chef-like high-end cooking skills but normal cooking skills like cooking a burger or a taco bell. Why is this such a pro business idea? To begin with, you can improvise on your cooking skills if you want to enter the hotel management industry in the future. It will give you the leverage to enter any institute related to this field. 

Fast food may contribute to teen depression, study says
Fast food may contribute to teen depression, study says

Alongside, you can earn a lot of money. We wouldn’t say that a business like this comes easy because you will need some investment to purchase or rent a food truck and food ingredients. Again, for staff and additional maintenance team for your food truck, you can ask your friends or family members to pitch in exchange for a salary, free meals, or wages. 

Wages or free food may sound a bit unethical. However, this is how small businesses begin! Of course, when the business takes off, you can offer jobs on a monthly basis to staff as well. 

In the United States, a food truck business’s startup cost may vary between 40K to 80K. You can look out for investors in the family, local area or get a personal loan. 

How to find out which business idea is perfect for you? 

As mentioned before, teenagers during school years are often still finding themselves. So, we advise you to take your time and pick a business idea based on some most important questions:

  • Do I love to do this? For example, cooking, recycling, writing, etc. 
  • Do I have enough time to do it? 
  • How can I turn my hobby into a business plan? 

Sometimes, answering such questions with a relaxed and calm state of mind can automatically help you figure out your business plan. 


So, are you ready to dive into your mind and start brainstorming your own unique business plans? We hope that this guide helps you lead to your goal this summer. For more information on business and entrepreneurship during teenage years, mark us your “favorite.” Get inspiring news about the business world on a daily basis to boost your morale. Thank you. 

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