Global Urban Mobility Management and Data Intelligence Solutions Market Growth Opportunities Report 2021 –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Global Urban Mobility Management and Data Intelligence Solutions Growth Opportunities” report has been added to’s offering.

In this study, the research analyzes the different traffic management solutions (trip, vehicle, movement, congestion, distance analysis) that use location-based intelligence and road analytics solutions (event reporting, tolling, tunnel, hazard warning, rules, pricing) available in the market.

The study also includes an overview of several shared mobility data intelligence companies – Fluctuo, Vianova, Populus, and Ride Report – as alternative modes of mobility are becoming popular in cities.

Transportation industry participants face significant challenges as expanding populations and urban density cause congestion, high carbon emissions rates, and parking deficits. One way city planners seek to remedy these unfortunate effects is by optimizing their mobility networks.

The need to effectively manage the various mobility modes became more evident following the COVID-19 pandemic as people leaned toward using personal vehicles. This is where urban mobility management and data intelligence solutions enter the picture. Digital urban mobility management solutions are core to cities’ transformation in becoming more proactive, more livable, and smarter.

Several companies support cities and mobility operators with various urban mobility management solutions, from providing mobility intelligence to cities to make more informed decisions to implementing comprehensive intelligent traffic management systems that provide data and analysis. Some offer a broad range of solutions, such as parking/charging management and mobility as a service, that ultimately tie in with overall city mobility management.

Future mobility management is required to balance traditional mobility modes with new ones to ensure optimal usage of all modes and avoid crowding on any single mode. Smart mobility operating systems, such as the ones by Didi, Huawei, Alabama, and Alstom, are not included in this research.

The research also covers several key solution providers in the transportation industry, mainly HERE Technologies, TomTom, INRIX, Siemens, Cellint, Kapsch, and SWARCO. The study compares these companies based on five parameters: the reach of their solutions, list of solutions focused on the shared mobility market, product portfolio, data monetization potential, and expansiveness of their stakeholder partner ecosystem.

The pandemic has brought forth a new set of opportunities for cities and travel planners, making it evident that passengers are the lifeblood of all transportation systems. The transportation industry has always been slow to act on customer needs, but the pandemic might have accelerated its digital transformation.

Consumer preferences and behaviors in mobility are expected to change. As businesses move toward flexible modes of working, traditional transportation networks have become inefficient and insufficient. Mobility data and technology providers can help cities in transforming their transportation systems.

As mobility management continues to evolve, traffic management-as-a-service solutions that integrate multiple ecosystems on a single platform to collect and manage data are anticipated to grow as well. Cities now have an unprecedented opportunity to look beyond responding to the here and now and reimagine the future of transportation.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Strategic Imperatives

  • Why Is It Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
  • The Strategic Imperative
  • The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on the Urban Mobility Management and Data Intelligence Solutions Industry
  • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine

2. Growth Opportunity Analysis

  • Scope of Analysis
  • Key Reasons for Mobility Challenges in Cities
  • Factors Accelerating the Uptake of Urban Mobility Management Systems
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Opens Up Opportunities
  • Urban Mobility Management and Data Intelligence Solutions – Evolution
  • Urban Mobility Management and Data Intelligence Solutions – Opportunities
  • Urban Mobility Management and Data Intelligence Solutions – Technology Layers
  • Future of Urban Mobility Management and Data Intelligence Solutions – A Converging Ecosystem
  • Mapping of Key Providers’ Solutions
  • Benchmarking Key Solution Providers
  • Growth Drivers for Urban Mobility Management and Data Intelligence Solutions
  • Growth Restraints for Urban Mobility Management and Data Intelligence Solutions
  • Urban Mobility Management will be an Integral Part of the Mobility Operating System
  • Urban Mobility Management and Data Intelligence Solutions – The Way Forward

3. Company Profile – INRIX

  • INRIX – Company Overview
  • INRIX – IQ Suite
  • INRIX – IQ Signal Analytics
  • INRIX – IQ Road Rules
  • INRIX – IQ AI Traffic
  • INRIX – Performance Assessment
  • INRIX – SWOT Analysis
  • INRIX – Key Takeaways

4. Company Profile – HERE Technologies

  • HERE – Company Overview
  • HERE – Real-Time Traffic Solution Overview
  • HERE Transit – Overview
  • HERE Marketplace
  • HERE Workspace
  • HERE – Performance Assessment
  • here – SWOT Analysis
  • HERE – Key Takeaways

5. Company Profile – TomTom

  • TomTom – Company Overview
  • TomTom – Road Analytics Platform
  • TomTom – Real-Time Traffic
  • TomTom – Speed Profiles and Hazard Warnings
  • TomTom – Performance Assessment
  • TomTom – SWOT Analysis
  • TomTom – Key Takeaways

6. Company Profile – Siemens

  • Siemens – Company Overview
  • Siemens – Traffic Prediction Systems
  • Siemens – Smart Intersection
  • Siemens – Intermodal Solutions
  • Siemens – Intelligent Traffic Management System
  • Siemens – Traffic Control Centers
  • Siemens – Performance Assessment
  • Siemens – SWOT Analysis
  • Siemens – Key Takeaways

7. Company Profile – Cellint

  • Cellint – Company Overview
  • Cellint – TrafficSense, CitySense, and NetEyes
  • Cellint – Performance Assessment
  • Cellint – SWOT Analysis
  • Cellint – Key Takeaways

8. Company Profile – Kapsch

  • Kapsch – Company Overview
  • Kapsch – Traffic Management
  • Kapsch – Traffic Demand Management
  • Kapsch – Tolling Solutions
  • Kapsch – Performance Assessment
  • Kapsch – SWOT Analysis
  • Kapsch – Key Takeaways

9. Company Profile – SWARCO

  • SWARCO – Company Overview
  • SWARCO – Traffic Management Centers
  • SWARCO – Traffic Control and Monitoring
  • SWARCO – MyCity 1.0
  • SWARCO – Other Solutions
  • SWARCO – Performance Assessment
  • Swarco – SWOT Analysis
  • SWARCO – Key Takeaways

10. Mobility Data Intelligence for Shared Mobility

  • Mobility Data Intelligence for Shared Mobility – Outlook
  • Company Profile – Fluctuo

11. Fluctuo – Company Overview

  • Fluctuo – Transition to a Transaction-based Platform
  • Fluctuo – Key Takeaways

12. Company Profile – Vianova

  • Vianova – Company Overview
  • Vianova – Mobility Use Cases/Applications
  • Vianova – Key Takeaways

13. Company Profile – Ride Report

  • Ride Report – Company Overview
  • Ride Report – Key Role in the Shared Micromobility Ecosystem
  • Ride Report – Key Takeaways

14. Company Profile – Populus

  • Populus – Company Overview
  • Populus – Key Role in the MaaS Ecosystem
  • Populus – Key Takeaways

15. Growth Opportunity Universe

  • Growth Opportunity 1 – Extensive Collaborations to Develop Capabilities for Future Urban Mobility Management
  • Growth Opportunity 2 – Advanced Technology and Intelligent Solutions Vital for Smart Mobility of the Future
  • Growth Opportunity 3 – Urban Mobility Management Systems are Crucial Input for Future Mobility Operating Systems

16. Next Steps

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