Corporate Gas Cards from WEX

Corporate Gas Cards from WEX

The WEX brand of gas cards is a great option whether you need them for a company fleet or you just want a card that will operate at most gas stations. Thanks to its global service network, your business will be in good hands.

Fuelman Vs. WexCards

Fuelman business gas cards are made to help you manage your trucking company’s fuel costs, regardless of the size of your fleet. They offer continuous monitoring and reporting in real-time in addition to access to a nationwide system of service sites. You can keep costs down with the help of these features.

The WEX Connect app will help you locate the lowest gas prices at fuel stations that support it. Moreover, they accommodate drivers who prefer to utilize their mobile devices to pay. You can roll over your balance from month to month if you like.

WEX Fuel Card Savings

The WEX FlexCard is one alternative that doesn’t cost anything more every year. There are no initial costs involved either. Approximately 95{8ba6a1175a1c659bbdaa9a04b06717769bcea92c0fdf198d429188ebbca09471} of U.S. gas stations accept this card. It also provides a rebate of three cents per gallon.

Another viable choice for business owners is the WEX Fleet Card. In addition to a sizable selection of price reductions, it also provides a comprehensive network of service centers. In addition to keeping tabs on gas money, it also provides a plethora of different reports and dashboards.

On average, using a WEX Fleet Cross Roads Card will save you 15 cents per gallon on petrol. Additionally, the EDGE Savings Network can be accessed with this card. There is additional protection at Pilot Flying J and Love’s truck stations.

The WEX FlexCard doesn’t cost anything to activate and may be used at 95{8ba6a1175a1c659bbdaa9a04b06717769bcea92c0fdf198d429188ebbca09471} of U.S. gas stations. The program also provides a petrol rebate of three cents per gallon and a reward of zero cents per gallon. To top it all off, 95{8ba6a1175a1c659bbdaa9a04b06717769bcea92c0fdf198d429188ebbca09471} of Fuelman stations accept this card. Online account management is another useful feature.

One other excellent option is the Fuelman Simple Saver Plus Card. For every gallon purchased, you’ll save $0.10 at Speedway and $0.05 at all other Fuelman stations.


Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, an ExxonMobil corporate gas card can help you save money. If you use this card at the pump, you can save up to six cents per gallon. The card is accepted at more than 95{8ba6a1175a1c659bbdaa9a04b06717769bcea92c0fdf198d429188ebbca09471} of U.S. gas stations and costs nothing monthly to maintain. As an added bonus, you can get a 5{8ba6a1175a1c659bbdaa9a04b06717769bcea92c0fdf198d429188ebbca09471} cash back refund on all your in-store purchases, including gas.

ExxonMobil’s corporate gas cards have extra safety features like fraud detection. Also, you may use them to keep tabs on how long each vehicle has been in use and how far it has traveled. The online account management is a nice added convenience. Over 11,000 gas stations across the country accept ExxonMobil cards.

The ExxonMobil Smart Card+ not only provides fuel discounts, but also provides cash back incentives and 5{8ba6a1175a1c659bbdaa9a04b06717769bcea92c0fdf198d429188ebbca09471} back on non-fuel purchases. As an added bonus, it earns a discount of 12 cents per gallon on Synergy Supreme+ premium fuel. ExxonMobil employees can participate in the Rewards+ program to earn points redeemable for perks like free gas and car washes.

The ExxonMobil Business Fleet program provides subsidies to qualifying small businesses who operate fleets. The maximum rebate per gallon is 8 cents. You should expect a credit for the rebates to show up on your next monthly payment. Monthly refunds are calculated from the total number of gallons purchased at ExxonMobil service stations. Only Exxon and Mobil branded service stations in the United States are eligible for the rewards. Bonus savings are applied to qualifying purchases made in the first two months.

The ExxonMobil Fleet National Card is an excellent choice for bigger fleets. It has greater nationwide coverage than the Fleet Business card. Only 95{8ba6a1175a1c659bbdaa9a04b06717769bcea92c0fdf198d429188ebbca09471} of retail gas stations accept it. If your fleet travels to different states frequently, you may want to consider getting a Fleet National card.


Either Comdata or WEX can provide you with the fuel card you need, whether you’re a sole proprietor or the manager of a large company’s fleet. Whatever your requirements, you may find a card to suit them, whether you’re looking for a global option or a local one. Not only may these cards help you save money on gas, but they’re also really handy.

When it comes to fleet cards, Comdata has you covered with anything from a basic account to advanced analytics. WEX’s fuel cards are made to make buying gas easier. The organization provides access to over 80,000 fueling locations and a number of preventative procedures to guarantee that your gasoline purchases are handled efficiently and on schedule.

Companies who are expanding quickly or at all can benefit from using the Comdata Fuel Card. It comes with numerous advantages, such as price reductions and rebates on things like tires and hotel stays. The Comdata Card isn’t the only fleet card that uses the WEX network for coverage, though.

We accept a wide variety of fleet cards and have an app that helps you get the best gas prices around you. Additionally, they provide online account administration, budgetary controls, and individualized reporting possibilities. No matter which card you get, you’ll have access to a network of more than 76 different companies.

The majority of gas stations in the United States accept WEX cards, and they have received positive feedback from customers. Each card has a contact phone number on the back for inquiries. The card comes with a nominal monthly fee that covers processing costs. You may find that the monthly charge is more than offset by the money you save using the service.

Defense Logistics Agency’s Ships and Planes

Your organization may save money and time with the appropriate corporate gas card. The government issues its own card, and there are other options as well. These cards provide substantial savings for businesses through discounts on fuel and other expenses.

With the GSA SmartPay program, government organizations have had easy access to payment options for nearly 20 years. Payment processing, tax refunds, and other services are among those provided. Thanks to the growing demand for the company’s offerings, it has sustained expansion.

The GSA SmartPay Fleet Card Program helps government agencies save money on fuel and repairs. Companies can use these cards to streamline their upkeep, billing, and salary processing. They are valid at any store that takes Visa or Mastercard.

Almost every department in the federal government can rely on GSA Fleet. Get in touch with the General Services Administration if you need clarification on how to use your card.

If your business needs fuel, payroll, and maintenance tracking, all with one convenient card, consider the GSA SmartPay Fleet Card. As an added bonus, it’s a viable choice for businesses concerned with tax refund administration. When it comes to gas purchases, this card is also a great safety net.

When it comes to government charge card programs, the GSA SmartPay is among the largest in the world. Since its founding in 1998, it has offered a variety of hassle-free payment options. It provides funding to over 560 nonprofits.

The software backing the GSA SmartPay Fleet Card is the card’s most important function. This software helps agencies run the GSA SmartPay fleet card program. Private alternative fuel systems and on-site fuel systems can be integrated with this program. The government’s administrative procedures are likewise simplified.

ID card that can be scanned with a ChargePoint scanner

With a ChargePoint scan card, EV vehicles may quickly begin charging at public stations. All electric vehicles leased through the GSA Fleet receive one of these cards. The cards are accepted at many different gas stations. The cards come with a 3 cents per gallon discount.

In addition to finding charging stations, the ChargePoint app lets EV drivers see who else is on the waiting list. Users may also charge their devices by tapping them on the charging station using the app. Considering that many people who drive electric vehicles are constantly on the go, this can be a huge time-saver.

Information such as the transaction’s sequence number, fuel kind, and rental request can also be obtained from gasoline cards. In addition, they can be used at many different gas stations, such as truck stops, partner outlets, and others. In addition, they help fleet owners save time and money by providing more accurate information on fuel prices.

The cards can be ordered from a temporary duty station or the rental office. They are sent out the next day with guaranteed delivery tracking.

The WEX fleet fuel cards can be used at any gas station that accepts the major brands. They provide savings on gas and other business expenses. It’s possible to manage every aspect of fuel and service purchases, from timing to location. There are zero one-time, yearly, or per-card costs.

More than 320,000 retail gas stations and truck stops accept WEX fleet cards. They are accepted at more than 45,000 retail and service outlets. All 50 states and all U.S. territories recognize the cards.

ChargePoint and WEX are working together to provide a complete charging and refueling system. Electric vehicles will be part of the solution, and so will an automated system for reimbursing homeowners for their energy bills. Further, it would consolidate reporting and supply real-time energy data to let drivers be reimbursed for charging their EVs at businesses.

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