6 Best Small Business Management Tools for Digital Transformation

Small business management is a lot more challenging nowadays. The coronavirus pandemic made it harder because people couldn’t meet as easily as before. That’s why we have been relying on various online services such as video conferencing. Unfortunately, being able to contact your team using video calls isn’t enough anymore.

You need to run your business remotely using a wider range of tools. Fortunately, today’s small business management tools can cover nearly every aspect of your company. From building your homepage to monitoring your brand’s social media accounts, these platforms have your back! They will make sure your company performs its best even while everyone’s working remotely.

First, you need to understand the digital transformation that is taking place in various industries. This will show you why you need the best small business management tools. Then, we will proceed with talking briefly about each of these platforms. We will also add more tips that every business owner should know as we all “go digital”!

Why small business management platforms are important

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Everywhere you look, a digital transformation is taking place. Various aspects of our lives are changing with the help of various tools and services.

The global remote work trend is one apparent example. More people just work from their homes nowadays, and many of them don’t intend on going back to the office.

Their children continue learning via online classes. Restaurants are converting into ghost kitchens. People with minor illnesses now get help via telehealth services.

It’s even more apparent for companies. Digital business tools are more important than ever because of these new expectations that brands should meet:

  • Customer needs – People are used to getting everything they want and need from smartphone apps. For example, they could order so many things from Amazon and receive them on the same day.
  • Competitive edge – The best small business management tools can help you gain the upper hand against other companies. For example, the right search engine optimization (SEO) tool lets you see how competitor websites are doing, and the information allows you to improve your content accordingly.
  • Reduce expenses – Recent online tools for businesses allow you to avoid hiring more staff. Later, you’ll see some of the best you can get right now.
  • More opportunities – Business tools can help you expand your brand in ways not available back then. For example, Disney reaches more audiences around the world with its Disney+ streaming platform.

Thankfully, small businesses don’t have to be left in the dust by bigger brands. The following tools can help your startup keep up with the latest market trends:

Best tools for small business management

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  1. LivePlan – The best business planning tool
  2. Wrike – Best project management tool
  3. WordPress – Best content management tool
  4. Hootsuite – The best social media platform
  5. Shopify – Best shopping cart platform
  6. BambooHR – Best human resources platform

#1. LivePlan – The best business planning tool

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Let’s follow a specific flow for this list so everyone can follow. We’ll take the view of a business owner who is starting a digital transformation for their brand.

This trend goes beyond just new gadgets and apps, though. It also brings changes to consumer behavior and company culture, which is why you will have to make new business plans.

Fortunately, today’s apps make it easier to plan and monitor business plans. The best small business management tool for the job is none other than LivePlan!

This platform helps you create business plans with its intuitive tools and visuals. Draft those plans in simple yet informative charts and graphs.

After a month, LivePlan allows you to see how your plan went. It also shows how long your funds will last, and it can gather feedback from your clients early to adjust its projections.

LivePlan has two payment plans called standard and premium. You may pay for them every month or every year, and the former charges $20 for standard and $40 for premium.

Meanwhile, the annual option bills you $15 a month for standard and $30 for premium. With such a low price, LivePlan can help you plan your brand’s digital transformation!

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#2. Wrike – Best project management tool

Now that you have a business planning tool, you’ll need to deal with tasks. These will eventually lead your brand to achieve its long-term goals.

That can be difficult when you can’t always meet your team members. This is when you may need a platform like Wrike. It lets you assign tasks easily, but that’s not all!

Wrike can help you with document management with its integration with Google Drive and other cloud services. What’s more, it makes file sharing among members more convenient.

Even better, Wrike offers a free plan, so even your startup can use this amazing tool. You may get an upgraded plan as your business grows!

#3. WordPress – Best content management tool

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Content marketing is a must for businesses nowadays. Blog posts and sponsored content can boost your website traffic, customer count, and overall sales.

There is one app that is the number one go-to for content management. It’s the top choice for amateur bloggers and large companies alike, and it is none other than WordPress!

It makes up 42{3e92bdb61ecc35f2999ee2a63f1e687c788772421b16b0136989bbb6b4e89b73} of the websites you see on the internet. With its versatile website builder, WordPress lets you add all the features your website needs.

What’s more, it takes care of web hosting, so you won’t have to get a separate tool for it. With their free plan, you can be part of the many people satisfied with this online service.

Though you could bump up your plan so you can get better features, the popularity and accessibility of WordPress earn it a spot as one of our best small business management tools!

#4. Hootsuite – Best social media tool

Your brand should also appear on major social media sites, and everyone uses them nowadays, including your customers and competitors.

Tracking them all can get confusing, though. You’ll waste a lot of time scanning through your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other pages 24/7 just by yourself.

That’s why Hootsuite is such a handy tool. It allows you to track your social media progress and the latest trends. Also, it makes customer service easier by connecting you to active users.

You may try Hootsuite free for 30 days. After that, you’ll need to pay at least $19 for the most affordable plan. Why not try it out and see if it’s a worthwhile small business management tool.

#5. Shopify – Best shopping and shipping tool

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People order stuff online more often nowadays. If your brand sells products too, your website must have a shopping cart feature. Also, you’ll need a tool that tracks deliveries.

Fortunately, Shopify can do both! It’s fast and easy to add to your website. As we said, it provides the shopping and shipping features you need.

What’s more, it has a nifty platform that gives you a bird’s-eye view of its activities. You even get lower shipping rates on USPS, UPS, and DHL.

You may get a 14 day free trial for Shopify. After that, the basic plan starts at $29. With it, you can accept orders and deliver goods like how Amazon does.

#6. BambooHR – Best human resources tool

We said that you’d need more than just tools, and you must also get the right people. Many people quit their jobs nowadays, but it doesn’t mean hiring is easier.

You can’t meet applicants as easily like before COVID. Your HR team needs to do their tasks while somehow keeping face-to-face meetings to a minimum.

That’s when you need a tool like BambooHR. You get to track hiring and onboarding on one platform, and what’s more, it can give out the payroll for you.

Even better, BambooHR fits all these features into its mobile app. You will have to contact them for a free price quote, though, and just fill out the online form or call their landline.

Other small business management tips

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New tools are just one of the changes your brand needs, and you will need to create new business plans. While apps like LivePlan can help, planning still depends on you.

That’s why we will share the steps you need for your company. You’ll see that it would require new skills and methods. Read the following for more details:

  1. Check your status – See if your brand has problems right now. Note that fixing them will take a lot of time and money.
  2. See how online tools can help – Ask if these tools can help solve your problems. For example, see if a computer database can help you manage documents.
  3. Plan a strategy – Meet with your team to figure out how these tools can help your brand.
  4. Help your team learn – You will need the right people to make full use of these tools. You may train existing staff to improve their management skills. If you need more people, you might want to hire some more.
  5. Test your strategy – After planning, it’s time to use the new strategy. Still, you should talk about it with shareholders first, and tools like LivePlan can help you present that plan effectively.
  6. See the results – Check the results after a few months. See if you need to tweak your plan and then apply the changes. You may also scrap the plan if needed.

Final thoughts

Note that the small business management tools and methods we shared may change as time passes. The market may have changed by the time you’re reading this.

You could monitor these changes yourself, or you can outsource the marketing to the experts. That’s where LeadAdvisors can help! This digital marketing agency can handle it all for you.

From crafting your website to email marketing, LeadAdvisors can handle every aspect of your marketing campaign. Click here for more details.

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