10 small business opportunities for nutritionists

Nutritionists often work in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, food organizations, public health sectors and NGOs. But, can a nutritionist start a health and wellness business? The answer is ‘Yes’. Studying food science, nutrition and dietetics can open various doors and avenues for you. Adding creativity and innovation to your knowledge about nutrition can help you start a business. If you want to be your own boss with minimal financial investment, then here are 10 great business ideas for you:

Become an online nutrition coach

Online nutrition coaches work with their clients virtually to improve health and wellness. They prescribe diet plans, manage health conditions through proper nutrition, and guide about healthy eating behaviors using technology like phone, emails, video calls and apps.  The best part about being an online nutrition coach is that you will be location independent and you do not need to be in a physical location. Besides this, you can use the power of the internet to connect with clients from different corners of the world and have global accessibility.

Plan healthy recipes

These days people are not just conscious about the quantity of food they eat, but they are also alert about the quality of food. People now want to swap sugar-laden and high-fat foods with healthy foods. As a nutritionist you can enhance the nutritive value of the traditional recipes by sharing tips and tricks to make meals healthier. For example, you can show people how traditional recipes that require foods to be deep fried can be prepared with healthy cooking methods like roasting, sautéing, and air frying. Sometimes, it so happens that people are aware about the benefits of certain food items, but they may not know how to cook that particular food. Hence, with your recipe and meal ideas you can teach them how to cook that food ingredient in the correct way. For example, many of us know the benefits of ‘quinoa’, but not all of us know how to cook it. Healthy recipe ideas coming from a nutritionist will have a greater impact on your readers. You can even plan some low-calorie meals, which people can incorporate in their weight loss plans.

Become a nutrition educator

As a nutritionist, you can organize seminars to educate people about the importance of good nutrition or how they can lead a healthy lifestyle. You need to identify your target audience first and then choose a topic you would like to speak about. For example, if you want to conduct a seminar in a school for higher secondary school students, you can speak about sports nutrition, brain boosting foods and snacks, eating a balanced diet, restrictive eating and peer pressure, and management of stressful eating during exams. Your seminars should be interactive and fun in order to attract more audience.

Sell healthy meals and snacks

People would love to buy healthy meals and snacks from a food and nutrition expert. You can plan and serve special meals like low-sodium meals or fiber-rich meals for individuals with diabetes and high blood pressure. As a nutritionist, you can design delicious and wholesome meals that are prepared in cold-pressed cooking oil and cooked in copper or steel vessels.

Partner with a health and fitness centre

Fitness is a combination of 80{3e92bdb61ecc35f2999ee2a63f1e687c788772421b16b0136989bbb6b4e89b73} diet and 20{3e92bdb61ecc35f2999ee2a63f1e687c788772421b16b0136989bbb6b4e89b73} exercise. At the fitness centre, you can guide your clients about the importance of pre and post-workout snacks. You can plan out customized healthy and protein-rich meals for your clients that will accelerate faster and better results. You can even remind them to keep themselves hydrated during and post-workout.

Develop wellness and health tracking mobile apps

If you are into technology, you can partner with a software developer to create an app that supports health and wellness. Some of the ideas for the app include:

Meal-tracking apps
An app that helps you connect with other health-minded people
An app that provides healthy and delicious recipes
Mobile apps that remind you to keep yourself hydrated
Wellness apps that provide useful tips about health and nutrition
Create your own health and nutrition website

You can create a website that becomes the ultimate source of authentic information about health, fitness, food, and nutrition. You can keep your audience engaged by sharing health tips and recipe videos. Once you build enough audience for your website, you can sell nutrition products or can even advertise about your diet and nutrition consultation programs.

Start a holistic nutrition consultancy

You can start your own holistic nutrition consultancy where you can guide your clients about balanced nutrition and help them build a healthy relation with food. You can even work upon your client’s sleep schedule and exercise pattern, which will help them in constructing a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, you can also explain the importance of mindful eating and how stress can lead to overeating. You can visit hospitals, healthcare centres, corporate offices, and clinics and work 1:1 or in group coaching programs.

Write your own book

You can publish your own book offering nutrition advice or penning down sample nutrition plans for different health conditions. Your nutrition book can serve as an eye-opener if you choose to bust various food and nutrition-related myths.

Please note: You may not receive immediate recognition by publishing just one single book. Writing more books and spreading the word about it will promote your book.


Besides your 9-to-5 job as a nutritionist, you can invest your time and energy in these business ideas. Visualization, determination and consistency are the key. So keep working towards your goal.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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