Indications of Asbestos in Your House

It is vital to know if there is asbestos in your house if you are living in an old home. Unfortunately, it is pretty difficult to ensure if your house might have asbestos. You will probably never find out unless you get your house inspected by an asbestos detection professional.  

If the materials that contain asbestos are damaged, they can become a health hazard. The material can release asbestos fibers when they get damaged. If someone inhales the asbestos fibers, it can cause severe health problems. This includes cancer.  

Of course, before you hire an asbestos removal company, you’ve got to know if your home has asbestos first. Here are a couple of indications to look out for: 

Indications of Asbestos Materials in Your House 

Constant exposure to asbestos can usually be hazardous for you and your family’s health. That is why it is important to conduct a visual inspection of your place to examine for indications of asbestos. 

  • Roofing Sheets – In general, almost every flat corrugated roofing sheets contain asbestos. Due to its durability, manufacturers utilize white asbestos. However, you might develop Mesothelioma cancer from exposure to white asbestos. It does not matter if your roof is durable. Because of this, it is best to examine for asbestos before it is too late. In addition to that, you have to keep in mind that you’ve got legal options against the responsible company if you are diagnosed with cancer. Thus, to help you in this type of case, you need to hire a lawyer.  
  • Ceiling Tiles – There is a possibility that they contain asbestos if you’ve got old ceiling tiles. 
  • Pipe Insulation – White or grey asbestos was utilized to insulate pipes during or before the 1980s. The reason for this is that it has great insulation and fireproofing properties. Thus, you’ve got to examine the form of pipe insulation since it might contain a lot of asbestos.  
  • Vinyl Tiles – Compared to other tiles, vinyl flooring tiles have more possibilities of containing asbestos. Thus, you should check the flooring of your house and see if you’ve got vinyl flooring. For those who don’t know, this type of flooring was extremely common during the 1980s. So, if your house was built during that time, there is a high chance that your flooring contains asbestos.  
  • Date of Construction – You should first check the construction date before you proceed to examine the visual signs of asbestos. This will help you know whether your home was constructed with asbestos materials. For example, there is a high possibility that most of the building materials utilized contained asbestos if your house was constructed before or during the 1980s. Asbestos-containing materials were utilized for floor tiles, roofs, ceilings, and walls during this period.  

Asbestos can be in a lot of various places in your house. It’s crucial to have your home checked for asbestos. Even if your house is new, it might still have asbestos fibers. It isn’t an option to risk asbestos exposure, you should contact a professional asbestos removal company for inspection.