Different Kinds of House Exterior Designs

There are different house designs that surround us, different house designs are there in order for us to identify our houses and not getting confused by our neighbor’s house design. Deciding a house exterior design is a hard thing to do because it has many varieties for us to choose and have different taste, personality and uniqueness in each one. In this article we will talk about house exterior designs and what kind of house exterior design is perfect for you house to suit your personal taste and personal preferences. Houses have carpets, carpets are there to provide safety and a carpet needs cleaning, if you were to find a carpet cleaning service then carpet cleaning Minneapolis is for you.

Take note: In this article we will mainly focus on house exterior designs that are influenced in colonial designs that originated in the 1600s.

Georgian Colonial Exterior Design

A Georgian colonial is a great exterior design if you are into symmetrical architecture, it is a simple yet aesthetically pleasing piece of exterior design, it’s great for different people. The Georgian colonial exterior design is commonly in a box shape and has many windows which is normally five across, which makes it a nice exterior design to look at. The normal Georgian Colonial design has a decorative crown, the design typically has a brown color scheme with a touch of white and yellow that is aesthetically pleasing to see. So, this design is for people who likes strict symmetry and has a warm and aesthetically pleasing colors then this kind of house exterior design is for you to have.

Federal Colonial Exterior Design

A federal colonial exterior design is a type of exterior design that also has a touch of symmetrical designs and have different meanings held to the type of exterior design. It is followed when the Roman classicism occurred, it’s often made out of bricks and like the Georgian Colonial design it has many windows to properly give the Colonial vibes. This type of colonial design has a small staircase up to the front door and gives out a wealthy vibe, the color scheme of the design is also aesthetically pleasing. So, if you’re looking for a kind of design that has a rich vibe and has a great history background then this type of Colonial exterior design is for you.

Dutch Colonial Exterior Design

The Dutch Colonial house exterior design is a design in which like any other colonial type of design has symmetrical architecture with a specific kind of feature in a kind. This type of colonial design is different than other because of the broad gambrel roof in which commonly has dormers and different decorative hood over the entryway and a flared eaves. It has a feature in which to keep animals away from your home but at the same time allowing the fresh air to come inside your house for a breather. So, if you’re looking for a colonial house exterior design that kind of resembles a barn house that is 10x better, then this type of design is for you.

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